Investing with Gold Coins – Which Coin Is The Best Investment?

Why did you decide to buy gold

Investors are more open to considering other investment options than the traditional stocks, mutual funds, and bonds in these times of uncertainty and turmoil. Investors are more interested in precious and gold metals as a means of diversifying their investment portfolios. Visit this site gold ira llc.

Experts agree that gold is still undervalued. Some claim that gold’s value could increase by as much as 50%. The gold price has risen more than 500% annually since 1999. Investors looking to move some of their portfolio from volatility of stocks market will be pleased to know that gold has outperformed its peers by 400% in 10 years.

Rising Debt and the Shrinking USD

Imagine how a falling dollar affects the value of retirement assets and the potential impact it has on future income. With the stock markets at record levels, and the national debt ceiling at an all-time high, it seems like a strong market correction would be in order. This is still to be seen if it’s a strong correction or full-scale meltdown. A return to 2008, when retirement accounts lost $2 Trillion in value in just 15 months, is what no one wants.

Diversification is essential for smart investors. Based on historical data, gold – and, more importantly, gold coins stored in a gold backed IRA – seems to be one of the best investment options.

Bullion, or Coins

Gold bars are what most people associate with gold. It’s how gold is usually represented in movies. The large-scale investor can use gold bars as a quick and easy way to invest. If you are looking to sell gold bars, they may not be as flexible. Buyers have fewer options as sellers will need to find large dealers. A smaller pool of private buyers may also exist because most people aren’t familiar with gold bullion bar.

In contrast to similar size bars, gold investment coins can be purchased at very affordable prices. It is easy to sell gold coins because they have a universal recognition.

For most of us, coins will be the best choice. How do you go about buying coins?

What are Investment Grade coins?

In order to be investment grade, coins must contain at least 22k purity. Pure means a higher percentage of gold than alloy metals like silver and copper. While investors may prefer 24-karat gold coins, coins containing copper have a more durable property and are less susceptible to being damaged in handling, especially when the coin is changed hands frequently. It is less likely these days that coins will become damaged, especially if they are stored in safes or depositories. (Accessing the coins are considered a taxable event.

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