Kitchen Renovations: Things To Consider

All contractors are aware that a beautiful home will attract potential buyers to the kitchen first. However, what may look good might not be practical and make it difficult to work. Create a list that includes the changes you’d like to make in your current kitchen. This list should be kept next to the grocery list on the refrigerator or close by the telephone. It is important that you make as many notes as possible. Examine the kitchens in your local home-improvement center that you are interested in. Take note of sinks (undermounted are in), food prep areas (especially inside), lighting and cabinets (particularly on the interior)! These little details could make or break the future of your kitchen. Functionality, the key word!

The layout of your home is important, no matter how big or small it may be. You should arrange your kitchen so you can cook in a small space. You should avoid carrying large pots to the opposite side of your kitchen. Keep in mind that you only want the stove and the kitchen sink to be separated by a couple of convenient steps. You should always keep your refrigerator near the sink or stove. You don’t need to travel across the kitchen each time you cook. What is most important about your food preparation space is that it doesn’t have to be very large. Larger prep areas often mean more counter space to clean after a meal. That can take up a lot your time. It is important to remember that you will need enough counter space to chop the greens, and other main dish ingredients. Desserts take up more space and require bigger bowls. Don’t forget those holiday meals either! You will need more counter space if you like to cook multiple courses.

You can use your cleaning habits to define the space you have. If you are a dishwasher fan but you always leave a few things to dry on your counter, then you might need more counterspace. You should consider the appearance of your cabinets, but more importantly, what is inside. Does the cabinet have pullout shelving? Pullouts will add value to the home and make it more appealing (especially for pullouts that store pots and pans). Do you recall crawling all over the kitchen to find what’s hidden behind those dirty pots and pans in those dark, deep spaces? Pull outs can make those days a thing in the past! Be sure to look out for dovetailed joints on the corners of drawer boxes if you are looking for a sturdy drawer. Particleboards are always stapled, and they will not last. Soft action glides can be installed under or on the side of the cabinet, depending on its design. It’s good to know that wood drawers, which were once rare and hard to find, are now a common sight among stock cabinetmakers. The cabinet door can be either solid or made of glass. There are many options for see-through glass. Ask yourself how well organized you keep the interior of your cupboards. Can you see inside your cabinets when they are disorganized and messy? A thought to consider Don’t choose your cabinet based on the appearance of the cabinet door. If you only choose cabinets based on their looks, you may regret not considering the functionality. Knobs and handle hardware play a similar role. Feel the functionality with your hands or fingers when selecting knobs or handles.