Can a 401k Invest Gold in Gold?

The gold market has reached its highest level in years. Consider adding precious metals funds to your 401k in order to benefit from the boom that has occurred in gold and gold bullion. You might have the opportunity to invest in platinum, silver or gold depending on who your fund manager is and how the company provides the 401k. Visit gold IRA rollover before reading this.

This skill is very specific and not all 401ks allow for it. To find out more about the details of your 401k you can consult your Human Resources department. You should remember that you’re not buying gold coins when your 401k invests in a precious-metals fund. This is gold on a different level. It is risky to invest in precious metals. Yes, gold is up or down over the past 14-months. That is a good sign. However, it’s not a guarantee that the price will drop. Commodity investing is one of riskier investment avenues. There are far too many variables to keep an investor’s mind afloat.

Yes, you can have gold within your retirement fund. But it should only be a small part of the overall fund. You are better off taking little or no risk with your Roth 401k. Consider a separate account for the risks, like an IRA. Do not discount gold, if it is something you are considering. You will often find precious metals funds in 401k rollsover accounts. Parting out some of the money can be a good option if you are changing jobs or doing a rolling 401k/IRA.