What Are The Various Types Of Wall-mounting Brackets For TVs?

If you want to mount your TV to the wall, then you’ll need a kit of TV wall mounting brackets. Three different types of brackets are available for mounting your TV on the wall. All you need to do is decide what you want and which bracket will be best.

1. This type of bracket is also the cheapest of the three. The bracket is easy to install. This bracket type has the main disadvantage of not allowing you to move your television once installed. It may seem like this isn’t a big deal, but it can become a problem if the cables behind the TV need to be accessed. If you want to adjust the cables or add them, you’ll have to remove the whole TV unit. It may take several people to do this, depending on how big your TV is.

2. Tilting Wall-Mounting Bracket: This bracket is a bit pricey, but it allows you to have easy access to your TV’s back, if you need it. This type of bracket is relatively easy to install. You can adjust the TV’s vertical position by 15 – 20 degree. The TV cannot be moved from left to the right.

3. Full Motion Wall Mount is the most expensive type of mounting bracket. Installation is also labor-intensive and requires the help of at least two friends. The full motion bracket for TVs allows your TV to be rotated in all directions, including tilting and swiveling. You can adjust the viewing angles and gain full access to the back of your TV.

For each option you choose, you’ll need to know the exact weight and dimensions of your TV. As some TV wall mounting brackets can only hold a specific weight, you will want to ensure that it is compatible with your unit. No one wants their TV to fall off the wall, causing it to smash. You should read the instructions thoroughly and measure the bracket to make sure it is the right size.