You can Inspect the Exterior of a Used Car at a Dealer

Inspecting the exterior of a vehicle when buying used cars is crucial, no matter if you’re shopping at Buy Here Pay Here Miami dealerships. While car buyers must also examine under the bonnets and drive vehicles to determine their quality, for the moment we are only going to discuss exterior inspection. In this case, the buy-here-pay here dealer is being discussed because their older cars require a deeper inspection. Because many of these cars are auctioned, they can be very different in terms of quality. It is recommended that customers use the minor imperfections to bargain the price down or even leave the car if the major defects are not appealing to them.

The first tip is to walk around the vehicle, looking for rust and other signs of poor handling.

Check the tops of cars for buckles and dents. Often, when a vehicle is repaired after a serious accident, it’s only the sides that are fixed.

You should also check to see if the wipers are in good condition. This can give you an idea of how much the vehicle has been used and its age.

Check the gaps between exterior doors and the front hood, trunk door, etc. The gaps should be normal in size and proportion, since any deviations can indicate high-end collision.

Tips #5: Look at the paint to determine if it is different in some spots. It could indicate that there was body work done. Another example of an overspray or accident (like having paint where it shouldn’t be).

Tip #6 : Make sure the headlights are the same as the matching mirrors. If they’re not, there may have been a serious accident.

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